why am i carving your name into trees that lie in forests you will never walk in
a bad feeling

I dreamt about you last night. 
Did you know that. I had a dream that you were still in my life and I still had my best friend, but as soon as I opened my eyes I could feel the hole in chest throbbing, and I remembered that we are no longer friends. It hurts me to see that you are perfectly fine without me. 
You still consider my friends to be your friends and it sucks. And I hate you. 
I hate you for the way you made me feel because at first you made me feel special and now you make me feel like crap and it’s all your fault. I hate you but I miss you and when I think of you I want to cry. 
And now I’m writing this down and burning it, in the hope it will make me feel better because right now I can’t breathe. 
Have fun with your life asshole